Fun at the Field ( Updated )

by Eric Lyon

Flying at the field last Sunday was great, although a bit on the windy side. We had a lot of flying going on. Doc maidened his new Rascal with it's twin cylinder 4 stroke engine and flaps set up. Doug was at the controls to help sort it out. What a gracefull looking plane in the air!

Jason Holder, a new member, put on a show for us with his red and white Pulse. Doug did, too, with his bright red profile aerobat. There were several of us flying and having a great time. I finally dusted off my Gee Bee D model and put her up in the air. She flew so well, I didn't get a chance to fly much with my other planes I had brought. I wanted to get practiced up this year before I flew her. I put in quite a bit of time building her from a short kit, so I try to be careful with her, but still have fun. Speaking of builders . . .  Wow !!! . . .  Jim Tucker is really outdoing himself! He is building a very large scale De Havilland Mosquito and it is starting to look very impressive. Jim is an avid builder and has some very nice large scale planes he has built. My favorite so far is his Vought F4U Corsair. That may change after he finishes this one.

 We had another maiden flight, too. Tom Sosnowski flew his Kaos, a really neat airplane! It seemed to fly quite well after a little tinkering. The wind was quite a factor. I had a hard landing with my little UMX Beat 3d, the wind quit blowing as I was bringing her in, crabbing in a cross wind, trying to line up with our small concrete runway and it dropped very quickly about two feet off the ground in the grass. I had very minimal damage and it is ready to go again. We also, had a couple of planes come in dead stick. One came up short of the runway. Luckily, it was not damaged at all.


Coming soonrecent pictures in the photo Albums.   ( New pictures posted in More At the Field )

As usual, we welcome newcomers! Come fly with us or just come and watch.