First You Dig, Then You Fly!

story & fotos by:: Fred

Do you want to fly from a nice, graded, grassy runway? First you dig, then you fly! Saturday, April 6, 2013, a day that will live in Sky Squires RC Club memory! Another day in an annual string that goes back to the founding of the Club, about 20 years ago, and has become a honor and an obligation enjoyed by volunteer members who bring their own tools, their own machinery, their own energy and enthusiasm, and their own lunch, faithfully every year.

Some dug, some heaved bags of seed and lime, some harrowed, some tilled, some rolled, some seeded, some ran machinery, all planned and kibitzed--and all rusticated in the fresh, clean air under a bright, cloudless sky! Who were these lucky guys? Allow me to call the roll: Darrell Honey, Jim Tucker, Tom Sosnowski, Doug Gwaltney, Gene Farris, Acie Gwaltney, Clay Simmons, Eric Lyon, Dr. Morgan and son, Zack, Jason Holder, Grover Dickerson, Wayne Ingalls, Ron Dameron and Charlie Cagle.

 And, yes! The further benefit for these hard workers and all Sky Squires is pictured in the foto of Doug Gwaltney hovering his Extra 300 the next day.

 And to the right,  Doc Morgan the next day asking his helicopter to say "Ahhh!" In the background is Pres. Darrell Honey passing the word that the field sanitary building is trim and clean and ready for members and public.