Fun in the Sun!

by: Fred H. Dippel

Except for the time when the US Navy was cruising me around the Caribbean and south of the equator, Marion is the farthest south I have ever lived. Most of my life has been spent not more than 30 yards from my snow shovel in the Continental USA. It's a coal shovel actually, snow shovels won't cut icy snow.


Going south for the winter or for a holiday has been part of our affluent American culture for many years. There are, of course, a few people who are of an opposite persuasion. They, for some reason that has never been made clear to me, prefer to jump into icy waters, traditionally, on New Year's Day. Now, we Sky Squires have developed a more satisfying tradition. On New Year's Day we go south, but only as far as the Cairo Regional Airport, to commune with our brethren and sistren model aviation enthusiats from around the region.


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