Charity Fun-Fly Oct. 4th & 5th

by Eric & Fred

  The weather on the first day of our Fun-Fly was not so cooperative—it was very cold and windy. But, several eager pilots did come and join us while we waited out the worst gusts. A few brave souls got their planes out and flew. They honored the old airman’s adage that “a good landing is one you can walk away from.  Doug Gwaltney flew his big Extra 300 with his usual precision and wowed the crowd. We had another great aerobatic pilot here, Jeff Williams, from Georgetown, IN. Jeff was a former member that moved away. He is quite a pilot and between him and Doug, we had lots of entertainment.




     Tom Boulnois flew a Fun Cub in a mighty wind and brought it back in safe and sound.

   James Turk flew his lightning fast little plane of his design with great finesse and lightning quick reflexes. James is amazing to watch fly! We had a few more brave pilots fly, but not many that day.



   On the second day the weather was much happier, especially in the morning. The light wind encouraged so many pilots that there was a queue behind some of the prep stands. I managed to get several flights in that day. As afternoon rolled around and the clouds started lifting, the wind picked up again. It blew harder and harder, but not quite as bad as on the first day. I flew my P-38 Lightning several times and was feeling very comfortable with it.



 I was really surprised how well it handled in the high wind despite it's small size. It has a 51.5-inch wingspan. I guess it was a combination of things like high wing loading, excellent power and small side profile. I did make some very hot landings after the wind came up. I didn't want to get caught in a wind that dropped off all the sudden and forced an abrupt pancake landing. My Decathlon got some exercise too, as well as my big foam scratch built, 60-inch wingspan L-4 Cub. The L-4 still needs a little work to get it trimmed properly, but it does fly satisfactorily for now.

  John Hunsaker demonstrated his superb aerobatic flying skills with his CAP 232, Wow! He also flew a really fast Jackal that looked like a fighter jet that had nitro power driving a prop on the front! Doug Gwaltney and Jeff Williams gave another great aerobatic show, also.

  We raffled off some nice prizes. A .60 size Escapade, a Parkzone Stinson Reliant, a gallon of fuel, three Tower Hobbies gift certificates and a variety of other useful items.


 We would like to give a big thank you to Chuck's Depot for donating the Parkzone Reliant and Tailwinds for a donation of a gallon of fuel and an airplane stand. We would also like to thank Tower Hobbies for a donation of three $25 gift certificates. Next year we plan on having a Fly IN Oct. 3rd & 4th . We will have some great prizes lined up for it too.


  I have not mentioned all the pilots who took part in our event and helped make the food-and-fund-raising Fun Fly a success. On behallf of the Sky Squires RC Club I want to thank everyone who came and hope that we can see all of you next year. Thanks to you, we were able to make a nice donation of cash and food to the Marion Ministerial Alliance despite the cold windy weather.

More picture from the Charity Fun-Fly