Flying at our field "New Videos added"

story by: Eric videos by: Ben & Ray

Spring is here and flying season is upon us once again. It has left us with lots of rain and a bit of field maintanance needing done. We have been mowing and rolling the field as well as fixing a few small holes and dips. We have our field in great shape now and everybody is ready to fly. All we need now is more good good flying days and to get out and enjoy it. Here are some videos my good friends and fellow club members Ben & Ray took.

In this video, 2nd down, the wind was gusting 25 to 30 mph making it tricky to fly and very hard to taxi back.



 We welcome everyone to come out and watch us fly or get an introductory flight with an instructor. We have a club trainer airplane to get started with.

Ben's new T28 Trojan, maiden flight