New Biplane at the Field

It is always rewarding to get a new plane together, then take it  flying to find that it is a nice handling airplane. I managed to bang up a plane a few weeks before. It is repairable and won't take much to get it going. I didn't recheck the CG after some modifications to the landing gear. Careful checking and rechecking of a model can help. Sometimes something can slip by without you catching it. This Biplane is a Maxford USA PT17 Stearman done up in the Army Aircore colors. This video is only my second flight with it. I quickly felt comfortable with it and started trying some scale aerobatics. What a fun airplane! It is no speed demon but does fly with good power. I may try proping it up a little. I am using a 11 x 5.5 prop on it now and may try a 11 x 6 and a 11 x 7 to see if it flies with a bit more authority. I am running a 1100kv motor pulling 415 watts. I run it on two 3 cell 4000mah lipos in parallel. Here is the video filmed by my good friend and fellow Sky Squire Ben.