Title Annual Mall Show 2016




 So, going back to Carbondale this year was kind of memorable moment for us. And it was worthwhile, too, because one of our main purposes  was to have a new set of people see us and our airplanes and get more of them interested in model aviation. And did they come! They came in all day, from our 9:00 AM opening to our reluctant closing at 4:00 PM. Our four flight-sim stations were busy all day, individual members were almost never without  a visitor to to talk "model aviation" with and the little gliders provided by the Mall management were flying every where! That was a new and interesting feature of the show, a work table with glider kits, coloring materials and helpers standing by to make the first model experience enjoyable for dozens of little kids. Our thanks go to Miss Christi Vineyard of the Mall staff for coming up ith a great idea.





On looking at the records of our past shows last week, which I ordinarily do several times a year just to savor the flavor, so to speak, the thought occurred to me that the show is not only a public relations event; it is becoming a local tradition, but it is several other important things as well that are more directly beneficial to us, the builders and flyers of model aircaft.  Let’s consider them one at a time.





First, it is an aviation museum—and who doesn’t like aviation museums? I can recall the thrill of discovery that I felt when my wife and I, wandering about in Maine, probably in a ’72 Chrysler and thinking we were really in the backwoods, stumbled upon a sign that said ”Owl’s Head Air Museum.” What?  You might find an out-of-the-way old country store on a quiet country road in Maine, but an air museum?  Yep!  And it was not only the first time I saw an actual Monocoupe 90A, but got to stand next to it and touch it.  Think of Lindbergh’s Monocoupe hanging in the passenger terminal at Lambert Field.  Nope, folks!  They don’t make them like that any more.  So, now think about the variety of models we have in our shows.  There are a lot of full scale types represented that aren’t made any more either.  How about a Lockheed P-38 or a Gee-Bee Sportster?  By the way, I have a very nice sitck-and-tissue rubber-powered SIG Monocoupe kit that I hope to build and leave to somebody’s private museum before I go.  Our photographs will show the quality and variety of the models on display.







 Second, our show is like an air show where aircraft manufacturers display their new products.  Even a casual review of our fotos shows the sparkling new items. A Cirrus SR22T and a Stearman PT17 in Army Air Corps colors and a Meridian to name a few. Perhap the most striking of the new items are the so-called multi-copters with their four, six and eight electrically driven, upward facing propellers and universal flight parameters.  There was a lot of curiosity among the visitors about those “spacey looking” things.  Yep, that’s one thing about multi-copters, they’re all business, but they sure ain’t pretty!  Makes this ol’ guy wonder what other odd mechanical levitators the future might hold for us.  Hold on to yer hat!  Today’s science fantasy has proven over and over again to be tomorrow’s practical reality.  Peope of today don’t need proof, but for the fun of it, look up Buck Rogers.






Third, our show is like a seminar or conference, a gathering of individuals with their own ideas, their own experiences, their own techniques, and their own purposes, all united by one common interest, building and flying model airplanes.  Some come for the pure enjoyment of the activity and the associations, others come for ideas to be shared, new goals two be set, new skies to be conquered, as it were. I think every model builder/flyer  leaves at the end of the show with something new and valuable about how to build better, how to fly better, how to fly more safely.


Fourth, our show is like a reunion.  I am impressed each year to see how enthusiastically greetings are exchanged among members of clubs from various parts of the state and the long conversations that follow.  The fellowship among FearlessFlyers, Rend Lake RC Club, Breezy Hill Flyers is a pleasure to behold.  Model aviation enthusiasts are a diverse group, but there is one important trait they all share—model aviation brings out the best in ‘em!  





By way of stimulating creativity in building and designing, as well as  showing admiration for one another’s models, we have a judging each year which in which the publc is welcome to take part.  The winners have received public recognition as follows:






 Best Multi-Engine: Jim Tucker C130

 Best Glider: Jim Tucker

 Most Unusual: Joe Pearson Animated Peddlin’ Joe

 Best Sport Plane: Wayne Ingals Meridian

 Best War Bird: Bob Trober F4 corsair

 Best Heli: Grover Multicopter

 Best in Show: Jason Pearson Pitts Biplane


Well, in all in all, it was a good show made possible by a lot of willing hands from all the clubs  and, of course, the excellent cooperation of the Carbondale Mall management, especially that of the Marketing Manager, Miss Christi Yineyard.

We hope to see you next year! 


Fred H. Dippel