Sky Squires Mall Show, University Mall, Carbondale

Fred H. Dippel, April 7, 2018

  A comment is in order on the continuing effect of technology on model aviation, particulary on the models themselves. Eighty years ago, if a model enthusiast wanted a model to fly, he (there was virtually no interest among girls and women in those early years) he had to build it himself. The market for supplies and materials grew sufficiently that by the end of World War II there were several companies to meet a growing demand. Excellent kits came to dominate the market for builders, although very valuable work in developing new, one-of-a-kind, types of models was done by individual modelers. Reciprocating, ignition-type, small lightweight, engines, also were being developed by individuals who then established factories. World War II electronic advancements soon found application in the radio control of flying models. With the inevitable arrival of prefabricated models, they grew in size and type. "Bigger is better," it was believed, although there is a very large corp of flyers devoted to small, even miniature, radio controlled models. Note Brandon Stone's tiny Gee-Bee perched on the wing of a larger model in our gallery.

Modern technology made possible the great variety of types and sizes we have today of which perhaps the multi-engine, the multi-rotor, and the jet-propelled types represent the growing edge of model aviation. Our mall show 2018 exhibits the most popular types for your enjoyment.

   The photo gallery illustrates the variety and quality of models displayed. Best in Show, Best Scale and Best Sports were won by Dave Black repectively for his SBACH sport plane, his Grumman F-9 Navy Cougar, and his SBACH. Grover Dickerson won the plaque for Best Helicopter/ Multirotor and Joe Pearson won the plaque for Most Unusual with his own design Pedaling George.

   Good use was made of the simulators throughout the day. A photo in our gallery shows six-year old Braden Stone, supervised by his mother, Leslie, wringing out a Nextstar and evidently enjoying it. Thanks to Chris Austin, Eric Lyon, and Brandon Stone for the loan of their simulators and for providing instruction to the public visitors.

   The number of public visitors on this blustery day was less than we hoped for, but that made it possible to have more productive conversations following up on visitor's questions. Magazines collected during the past year were given to visitors as has been our practice each year. All such magazines were gone at the end of the show.

   Our mall show is not a mere idle pastime. It is a serious effort to inform the general public of our purposes and activities so they may understand what we do and support us if it becomes neccessary. It is also our intent to share with the public the joys of model aviation activity. Recognition must be given to the Sky Squires who made the extra effort required to present the show: Chris Austin, Grover Dickerson, Wayne Ingalls, Eric Lyon, Clay Simmons, Tom Sosnowski and Brandon Stone.

   Our appreciation and recogntion is offered to our colleague clubs from the general area for their major cooperation: Breezy Hill RC Flyers, Fearless Flyers and Rend Lake RC Club. Finally, our heartfelt gratitude to the management of the University Mall and for the excellent liason provided by Ms. Susan Perry, Administrative Assistant.

   Photo Gallery: Technical and space limitations neccessarily reduced the number of photos we could include.