Flying at our field "New Videos added"

story by: Eric videos by: Ben & Ray

Spring is here and flying season is upon us once again. It has left us with lots of rain and a bit of field maintanance needing done. We have been mowing and rolling the field as well as fixing a few small holes and dips. We have our field in great shape now and everybody is ready to fly. All we need now is more good good flying days and to get out and enjoy it. Here are some videos my good friends and fellow club members Ben & Ray took.

In this video, 2nd down, the wind was gusting 25 to 30 mph making it tricky to fly and very hard to taxi back.



 We welcome everyone to come out and watch us fly or get an introductory flight with an instructor. We have a club trainer airplane to get started with.

Ben's new T28 Trojan, maiden flight



2015 Mall Show

by: Eric Lyon & Tom Sosnowski


Mother Nature dealt us some severe weather temporarily grounding the Sky Squires Mall Show this year. But when the weather cleared the Sky Squires were back at the Illinois Center Mall along with our good friends the Breezy Hill R/C Flyers from Chester, The Rend Lake R/C Club and the Fearless Flyers from Mcleansboro. If I missed any group I do apologize. The Mall Show is always a good way to meet new people interested in our hobby and to keep in touch with other clubs.
This year we provided  slide shows and videos taken at our airfield of our flying skills and or lack of skills. Three flight simulators were also provided for shoppers and onlookers to test their skills at flying.


Charity Fun-Fly Oct. 4th & 5th

by Eric & Fred


  Photos by: Eric & Ray

  Our static display of our models and related gear that we have open to the public at the Illinois Star Mall every year has become almost a winter-time tradition. We will have it again this year, of course, watch for the date, very likely mid-February and mark your calendar. It always is a good time for us and there are sure to be crowds of visitors again. Hey, take a look at our website coverage of last year’s show. It was a doozy! This spring, however, it came to us that we had not had a fun-fly for several years.

  Also, it actually had been some time since we had our last charity fun fly, about five years, maybe, so, recognizing that many of our neighbors need help in these tight-belt times, we decided to have a food-and-fund-raising flying event at the our field. A local food pantry, the Marion Ministerial Alliance, has been a leader in this very necessary community work, so they were a logical choice for us as co-operators in setting up our fly in.



Dedication to Our Club President

by: Eric Lyon

Darrell Honey was President of the Sky Squires and a very good friend. It saddens me to tell you that he passed away today. Darrell was liked by everyone he met and was a kind and giving person. I last saw him at our Charity Fun-Fly Oct. 4th & 5th and as usual, he was in high spirits and had a smile on his face. Darrell was a dedicated RC pilot and builder as well as dedicated family man. We always had a good time whether we were flying or just sitting around talking. The picture above was taken at our Charity Fun-Fly. I am honored  to say he was my friend and club president and that I am a better person for knowing him. He will be greatly missed.


New Airplanes at the Field

by: Eric Lyon

         New airplanes are always great to see and admire. I am a scale RC guy, but I like any airplane that flies well. I particulary like Golden Age Air Racers and WW2 Warbirds. Darrell, our club president got a Hanger 9 Piper Pawnee this summer. Sadly, Darrell passed away a few days after our Charity Fun-Fly this fall. We got to see it fly for the first time on a Sunday with our pilot Doug Gwaltney at the stick. Doug, I believe could fly a brick if it had enough motor. He is a great pilot. Darrell was a good pilot too. The Pawnee is powered by an OS .65 and seems to have good power with it. It has great presence in the air as it a good size airplane and pretty close in scale.    I have a new airplane as well. It is a Maxford Gee Bee E model. Actually, I have had it for some time and have modified it a little to be more scale and since it is a large electric model, had to carefully pick the right motor and ESC as well as a UBEC. I didn't want to risk a BEC built into an ESC because if the ESC gets overheated it could cause temperarily loss of radio signal. On my smaller models, I generally like to use a higher rated ESC so it will not overheat and risk a brown out. I have crashed an airplane that way and it was no fun. I opted to use a Firepower 40 sport motor with a 15 x 8 prop and use a big 5000mah 4cell lipo battery. My plane balanced perfect with no added weight. If you can pull it off like this it is great. However it is much more important to get your CG spot on regardless.