State Proclamation

Due to all the rain and bad weather, we are rescheduling our event to August 27 & 28


Title Annual Mall Show 2016

There are a few club members with long memories who will remember the last time we held our show at the University Mall in Carbondale, but whenever it was, it was before I was admitted to the honorable ranks of the Sky Squires in 1998.


The Darrell Honey Memorial Fun-Fly

by: Tom Sosnowski photos by: Eric Lyon, videos by: Ben Merideth

            The Sky Squires held their annual Fun Fly on October 3 & 4.

      This year's Fun Fly was dedicated to our late president Darrell Honey.

Mother Nature never fails to disappoint us bringing cold north winds blowing down the runway, but that didn't stop fellow pilots from Missouri, Indiana and Illinois from participating in this year's event.


New Biplane at the Field

It is always rewarding to get a new plane together, then take it  flying to find that it is a nice handling airplane. I managed to bang up a plane a few weeks before. It is repairable and won't take much to get it going. I didn't recheck the CG after some modifications to the landing gear. Careful checking and rechecking of a model can help. Sometimes something can slip by without you catching it. This Biplane is a Maxford USA PT17 Stearman done up in the Army Aircore colors. This video is only my second flight with it. I quickly felt comfortable with it and started trying some scale aerobatics. What a fun airplane! It is no speed demon but does fly with good power. I may try proping it up a little. I am using a 11 x 5.5 prop on it now and may try a 11 x 6 and a 11 x 7 to see if it flies with a bit more authority. I am running a 1100kv motor pulling 415 watts. I run it on two 3 cell 4000mah lipos in parallel. Here is the video filmed by my good friend and fellow Sky Squire Ben.

Flying at our field "New Videos added"

story by: Eric videos by: Ben & Ray

Spring is here and flying season is upon us once again. It has left us with lots of rain and a bit of field maintanance needing done. We have been mowing and rolling the field as well as fixing a few small holes and dips. We have our field in great shape now and everybody is ready to fly. All we need now is more good good flying days and to get out and enjoy it. Here are some videos my good friends and fellow club members Ben & Ray took.

In this video, 2nd down, the wind was gusting 25 to 30 mph making it tricky to fly and very hard to taxi back.



 We welcome everyone to come out and watch us fly or get an introductory flight with an instructor. We have a club trainer airplane to get started with.

Ben's new T28 Trojan, maiden flight