About The Sky Squires

Sky Squires RC Club 859 Mission Statement

The Sky Squires is a non-profit club organized in the early 1980's at Carterville, Illinois. We are dues-paying members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics through which we have excellent insurance coverage for the land owner, the public and club members. We are required to meet stringent safety laws and rules set by the AMA. We also have out own safety rules which are overseen by our Safety Officer. We are a civic-minded club, interested in sharing our knowledge of our sport with others. We enjoy building and flying many different types of model aircraft and teaching people to fly, especially young people. The public is always invited to visit the club on Sunday afternoons during the warmer months Interested people are welcome to fly out club trainer with a qualified instructor.

We have our own flying field located on county property north of Crab Orchard, Illinois. This site is listed nationally on the internet and occasionally we have visitors from other clubs stop by to fly. We keep our field mowed and the surrounding area clean of trash and natural debris. Drugs and alcohol are not allowed. The flying of these small planes is rather benign concerning the environment and is completely compatible with wildlife. We also fly small electric and rubber band powered model airplanes in school gyms, but this is mostly in the Winter months. Some of our club members enjoy building their own models and testing them in flight.

Flying model airplanes is a wonderful means of getting young people "off the couch" and away from television and video games. This hobby/sport involves learning, building, installing radio equipment and actually getting out into the fresh air for hands-on flying. We have flight simulators that are a lot of fun, but these are used mostly in the Winter months when outdoor flying is prohibited by the weather.

The Sky Squires also has a static showing of model aircraft each Winter (usually late January) in the Illinois Centre Mall where we display many different types of models. Computer flight simulators are available for the public at this showing and people can try their hand at flying R/C models on the screen. Occasionally a World War II veteran will come by and spot a model that he flew in the war. We love to hear their stories and comments about these "War Birds".

The Sky Squires currently has over 26 members and has had as many as 50 in the past. We are always open to new members that get along well with others. We believe the club is a positive entity in Williamson County and Southern Illinois. Southern Illinois needs more recreation and our sport is unique for both young and old.